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Belong to Each Other

As our family has seen an influx of new people, the challenge of belonging to each other is magnified. It’s hard to belong to each other as we’re just getting to know each other. Belonging to each other is not natural, yet it is not optional. In Romans 12:5, (NIV) Paul writes, “in Christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

While belonging to each other has many facets, we encourage every Mandarin Family member to consider three commitments as a beginning point:

a. We commit to being available for each other.
b. We commit to spending time with each other beyond regularly appointed assemblies.}
c. We commit to holding each other accountable to love and to good deeds.

In the months ahead, we will offer more opportunities for fellowship, more opportunities to connect with a small group, more opportunities to connect with each other beyond our church walls. Of course, you don’t need the church’s planning to connect more intimately. You can invite people into your home. You can meet friends for meals and recreation. You can check in on those who are not physically able to worship with us.

Expanding opportunities to deepen connections will require more volunteers. On Gameday, September 22, you’ll have a chance to volunteer to help your brothers and sisters go deeper with each other. It might be setting up or cleaning up for a fellowship, helping new members find their place to serve, contacting family members who have been unable to worship with us, or just being an active participant in ladies’ ministry, men’s ministry, or a small group. Gameday is coming! Are you all in?

Mike Johnson
Don’t forget to ‘Take 5.’