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The Mandarin Family works together to guide people into a GROWING relationship with Jesus.

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“We felt so welcomed by the congregation. On day 1, we were family. We were right at home from the start! The sermons are moving and they inspire us to study more.”
- Jerrold & Beckie Grimage

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It's incredible to see God at work, bringing people together and making the pieces fall into place. For the first time in years, I’m excited to go to church and that’s because of Mandarin. I love being a part of the Ladies Ministry which brings ladies of all ages and backgrounds around the same table with the common purpose of growing in Jesus and being better than we were yesterday.”

- Shanna Waterman

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“The Mandarin family took us in with open arms when we were were broken and hurting from circumstances over the last 2 years. No questions asked; loved us and welcomed us in to God's family. It is a place to love and serve others and a place to be loved.”
- Steve & Sue Hayes

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“I love the way we work together and put our different talents to use to make events like VBS come to fruition.”
-Lori Gallaher

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Mandarin is in great hands, ‘God’s Hands’ with great people, leaders and love. God is at work through our people.
- Tom Green

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“Since our inception, The Mandarin Church of Christ motto has been “A Place to Love and be Loved.” Nearly 35 years later I feel that we continue to practice that better than any church I have ever attended. We are a melting pot of people who love each other and are there for each other!”
- Richard Dostie

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“I love that the Mandarin Church of Christ stays in the WORD OF GOD and the church family is full of love.”
-Tracy Flakes

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“I always feel more encouraged and uplifted after service than when I arrived.”
- Dan Nix

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“Being a member at Mandarin means being engaged in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ and being engaged in the community around us.”

- Scott Hamrick

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“I came to worship at Mandarin about 20 years ago. I hadn't had a Church home for many years.

I knew this truly was a Family that Loved JESUS & each other. I first saw this through their willingness to pray for each other when needed, no matter the time of day.

The women of Mandarin are always right beside you!”
- Rita Thompson

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“I've had several internal struggles since becoming part of the Mandarin family. I've been loved on in a very special way by so many! I felt welcomed and at home from the first time I visited.”
- Darty Smith

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"We love the Mandarin Church of Christ because all individuals are welcomed and made to feel loved. We always feel edified and uplifted. The members truly care about the well-being of others and there is a very strong prayer network."
- Tom & Jill McTighe

“I love the people here! They make me feel so welcomed and loved!”
- Britton Black

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“We have one word. FAMILY. Our brothers and sisters at Mandarin have supported us in the worst of times and in the best of times. They are truly the only family we have in Florida.”

- Larry & Della Faulkner

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“I love the family feel I get when I step through the door. I feel comfortable and loved and everyone is friendly. Most importantly, it's not about US. I love my church because the love, commitment and focus on Christ and His will is above all else.”
- Sophia McTighe

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“We love that we are able to know and share with others at Mandarin Church of Christ.”
- John & Dot Barber