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Bread Ministry to local apartments

Every Tuesday night one of our members picks up bread from Publix that has reached its sell by date. That bread is sorted at our building the following Wednesday. It is then delivered to 5 different apartment complexes in our community.

The delivery of this bread has opened many doors for us to have ongoing relationships with these apartments. We partner with these apartments to host various events for the residents on a regular basis.

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River Region Recovery Ministry

Once a week for 13 years we have shared The Life Recovery Bible & related material with the people in River Region Residential Addiction Treatment Program. Our Mission statement is “through the discussion of The Life Recovery Bible & it's related material, and through prayer, they will develop skills to make good daily life choices that will become GODLY life choices.”

In our Church programs, the ordinary Christian can become a GODLY friend to an individual who is wrestling with the transition between addictive behavior into a Christian Walk of Life.

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Taylor Care

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Food Pantry

Our members do an awesome job of making sure our food pantry stays stocked with non perishable food items. Anytime someone comes to us with a need we do everything we can to provide them with a generous amount of food.

In addition to our food pantry we also make “blessing bags” for the homeless. Our members keep these blessing bags in their cars so they can have something valuable to give to anyone they see holding a sign on the side of the highway.