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Never Compromise your Allegiance

Michael Hargrove writes about an experience that changed his life. He was in an airport, and a younger man came off a flight to the baggage claim area, and his wife and family were there to meet him. He catches a seven-year-old boy who jumps into his arms, and he gives him a big hug and a kiss. He walks over to this ten-year-old son and ruffles his hair and tells him how much he missed him and what a handsome young man he’s becoming. He grabs an eighteen-month-old little girl who squeals with delight as he bounces her up and down. Then he says, “I saved the best for last,” and he gives his wife a great big hug and a passionate kiss.

Michael is watching this take place, and he approaches the young father and asks, “how long have you been married?”

The man replies, “twelve years.”

“How long have you been gone?”

“Two whole days.”

Michael Hargrove said, “I hope that my marriage and family will have this much love and passion after twelve years.”

The passenger said to him, “don’t hope friend; decide.”

Today as we talk about Pergamum, I hope you will decide to never allow your allegiance to be compromised. I hope you will decide to keep the home fires burning, and I hope you will decide to fan the Spirit’s fire into an inferno that will light up the world around you.

-Mike Johnson
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