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The Power of Prayer

Do you remember where the Mandarin Family was a year ago? How have things changed so dramatically and progressed so quickly? Easy answer: God at work! But why did God show up and start rebuilding, reviving and restoring this church? Easy answer: Prayer!

A year ago, Trey Clark created a plan to call the Mandarin Family to a month of prayer. Over this past school year, every child in this family has been prayed for daily by someone in addition to mom and dad. Our elder process was bathed in prayer. Every move made by our former Steering Committee was bathed in prayer. We are where we are, not because of anything special in us, but because God is faithful when His children pray.

So what’s going to happen next? What about a new youth minister? What about deacons? What about continued growth? What about putting our baptistry back in operation? What about making a real Kingdom difference in our community? What work of God will we be celebrating a year from now? Easy answer: It all depends on prayer!

This church family moves forward in direct proportion to our prayer lives. I hope you are praying for laborers for the harvest. I hope you are praying for your neighbors, friends, coworkers and classmates to come to know Jesus. I hope you are praying that our shepherds will move with boldness and vision. I hope you are praying that your preacher will faithfully carry out his calling as God’s servant. It’s because of your prayer life that I believe Mandarin’s best days lie ahead!

Mike Johnson

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