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So you walk through our doors…Now what?

You will find people who are excited you’re here! You will be treated as an honored guest, but you won’t be singled out in any way.

+ What Should I Wear?

You will find folks dressed in everything from suits and dresses, to khakis and polos, to t-shirts and jeans. We’re not caught up in appearances, so come as you are.

+ Where should I park?

Whereever you like! But for your convenience, we have designated guest parking near the front doors.

+ Where should I enter the building?

The best entrance is the front entrance as it is nearest the Welcome Center. If you have any questions, the Welcome Center Staff will be able to help you. All entrances except the main entrance will be locked for security after services begin.

+ Is there childcare or children's classes during worship?

For children 3 years-old and under, we have fully staffed child-care available. For children ages pre-k through fourth grade, we have Wee worship and Junior worship after communion. Wee worship and Junior worship give children a chance to learn about Jesus on their level. Safe environments are important to us.

+ Will I be contacted after my visit?

You may be asked to fill out a guest registration card. This just helps us get to know you better. Whatever information you share is totally up to you. We will not spam you or add you to a mailing list. If you choose to fill out a guest registration card, you may receive a card or email expressing our appreciation for your choice to worship with us.

+ What kind of music can I expect?

We sing without musical instruments. Guests are invited to join in, but nobody is watching or listening to evaluate your skills. Some folks know every verse of every song, while others don't know a single note. However you sound, we know God is pleased when we worship him.

+ Is communion served?

Each Sunday, we celebrate communion, a time of remembering the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. During this moment of mostly silent reflection, we thank God for His gift of Jesus, we examine our lives, we seek God’s forgiveness for our shortcomings, and we pledge our lives in service to Him. Those who have committed their lives to Jesus take a small piece of unleavened bread or cracker to remember the body of Christ, and we drink a small cup of grape juice in remembrance of His shed blood. No one will be watching to see whether you choose to participate.

+ Am I expected to give an offering?

We pass a basket to collect an offering from Mandarin’s members who wish to participate. This offering is used to fund our ongoing ministries. Guests are not expected to give; your presence with us is a gift in itself.

+ What else can I expect during worship?

There is a time where the minister takes a section of the Bible and brings it to life, showing us how we can be more like Jesus. This sermon usually lasts about 30 minutes.

After the minister’s message, we have a response time where anyone can make specific prayer requests or make any other needs known. Sometimes, people respond requesting baptism. We are a church of imperfect people, so if you need to make a request, you will not find judgment, only acceptance.

Regardless of whether you have a need or request, we will not do anything to make you uncomfortable during this moment.

+ How long does worship last?

All in all, our typical assembly lasts 60 to 70 minutes. But don’t be surprised if several of our members want to say hello once our service ends. In worship, we hope that each generation connects with God, for every generation matters to God.

If you have additional questions before you come, just contact one of our ministers.

If you have questions while you’re here, just let someone know at our Welcome Center located in the main foyer.

Come and See

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